Huiyuan Cashmere Product Jiangsu Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is the medium-sized enterprise which owns about 100 employees and 20 million yuan for fixed asset from poor textile production workshops

Through 10 years'striving, the company has constantly innovated, and has developed into the wool textile enterprise with spinning, finished product and scientific design which owns our independent brand. We introduce the whole set of Japanese and Italian equipments. Knitting equipments include computer flat knitting machine, computer intarsia needle board and others. Annual output value is 30 million yuan. We award ISO9001:2000 authentification enterprise, and award better quality prize and refining award in China Knitting Clothes Industry. Our products are further sold to America, Canada, Australia, Japan and ten more nations and areas. 100 precent of pure cashmere sweater gets good evaluation and trust from customers.

The company adheres to the requirements of high added value, high quality and high grade, and constantly introduces advanced equipment and innovates products. We will make great contribution for bracing up our enterprise by suiting international market challenge.

Huiyuan Cashmere always adheres to the tenet of high starting point, high level and high quality, and the management principle of “honesty-based”, strives to build “Yueshenhuang” into a famous brand and make due contributions to the revitalization of Chinese national enterprises!

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