Mr. Wu Jian, President & General Manager of Huiyuan Cashmere Product Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wu Jian has ever been honored as "Outstanding Entrepreneur in Jiangsu Province". The company was crowned as "Famous Enterprise in Jiangsu Province", "Consumer Trusted Unit", "Excellent After-sales Enterprise", etc. And our "Yueshenhuang" brand was appraised as "Top 10 Most Influential Brands in China", China Wool Knitting Garment Better Award and Excellence Award in 2008 and others.

Upholding the tenet of "High Level, High Quality and Honesty" and business guideline of credit oriented, we are well received among worldwide customers for high quality products and services. And we will, backed by high technologies, strive to make "Yueshenhuag" a famous brand name.We warmly welcome the business and cooperation of customers from around the world!

The company is recruiting franchisees in Suzhou,Wuxi,Changzhou,Zhenjiang,Yangzhou,Nantong, Taizhou,Yancheng and other areas and customs cashmere sweater by measuring.

Tel: +86-13951144800

Huiyuan Cashmere always adheres to the tenet of high starting point, high level and high quality, and the management principle of “honesty-based”, strives to build “Yueshenhuang” into a famous brand and make due contributions to the revitalization of Chinese national enterprises!

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